10 practices for a happier life

1.  Practice being aware of your thoughts.  Noodle them around as if they are each written on a sliver of paper.  Consider them before you decide they are true. No judging…just noodling.  Feel the sensations that each thought brings to you.  Do you feel fear or anxiety? Do you feel peace?  Notice how you are with your thoughts. Keep the ones that serve you, and turn around the ones that don’t until they do. Awareness is always a beautiful first step.

2.  Practice limiting exposure to news, politics, commercials, crappy TV, and beauty magazines.  There are so many under the radar messages here that can be extremely conducive to fear, self-criticism, and more fear. These messages drain your energy and confuse your mind.  Practice paying  attention to what you fill your conscious and subconscious mind with.

3.  Practice exposing your mind to soul-full writing, authors, public and nature TV, spiritual teachings, message of compassion, love, acceptance, TED Talks, art, etc.  These messages tend to increase or soothe energy and uplift your mind. Practice feeding your conscious and unconscious mind things that contribute to wellness, love, kindness, creativity, and compassion.

4.  Practice noticing the TRUTH, BEAUTIES, & ABUNDANCE already in your life.  Start a daily practice of TBA’s (notice 5 Truths, 5 Beauties, and 5 Appreciations already in your life and already true).  Pick a friend or two and share these together every single day. Watch how this practice shifts your attention and energy and increases abundance in your life.

5. Practice getting out in to nature.  Find something green, growing, alive, colorful, thriving, and notice it.  Take a walk or hike, sit at the edge of a lake, pond or even better, the ocean and feel the peace of the water.  Hug a HUGE tree and allow yourself to feel the ages of energy stored and shared through it.  Put your feet –without shoes or socks in the grass, sand, dirt and connect to the earth.  Allow the sun to shine on your face and breathe in fresh air.

6.  Practice move your booty and your body.  Get your blood pumping and your muscles gently moving.  Stretch, yoga, walking, hiking, biking– something other than the couch or the computer or the bed.  MOVE that AMAZING gift of your BODY.

7.  Practice owning your fingerprints and your shit Yep- take responsibility for yourself. You created the you you are..and the state you are in through your own choices.   Even if a tree fell out of the sky and knocked you silly and broken, you still own the choices and beliefs and attitude you have about that event.  Own your shit.  No more victim and blame. And quit bearing the responsibilities that belong to others.  As my friend and client Britt says, “What is MINE to do?”

8.  Practice OWNING  your fabulous, sacred, amazing self!  You are SACRED.  You are a GIFT. You are WORTHY and you are ENOUGH.  Begin to see yourself through the eyes of Source.  No more downplaying the beauty that your are. No more downplaying your gifts..See yourself as sacred and practice BEING your true self in the world! Your specific thread is an important and lovely part of the whole tapestry of life.

9.  Practice letting others be exactly who they are.  Practice releasing your judgements of others.  Those thoughts really just upset your balance and block the flow of love.  Let that crap go.  DECIDE to release criticism and your opinions of others.  They are all made up stories anyway.   Then you ask…”What do I believe? What do I think instead?”  Well, if you have a judgement of others… hold up a mirror and see what is staring back at you?

10.  Practice listening to your Inner Whisper (coined by Kayla Burns Floyd).  There are so many voices in our lives from the moment we are conceived.  Even in the womb you hear the voices of your mother and the people around her.  Through out life– we tune in to a number of influential voices…and we tune out influential voices.  Often, we are so disconnected from the “still, small voice” inside.  The voice of your TRUE NATURE, your INNER WISDOM, GOD WITHIN…what ever you want to call it….tap in and turn up the volume on this voice.  Seek companionship and conversation with this voice– listen to her promptings and nudges.  Here’s the thing, though.  She isn’t egotistical and she won’t bully you for attention.  She won’t DEMAND you hear her.  You Inner Whisper is lovingly waiting for you to turn her volume up– waiting for relationship with you.  Choose an intimate and daily relationship with your Inner Whisper.