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The Blessing I Got on the Day Maya Angelou Died

Woman - Inspired by Maya Angelou Quote

Dr. Maya Angelou crossed over the veil yesterday.  As I watch the various posts and news articles cross my feed, I just soaked her love and wisdom in.  I took for granted that she would not just always be there.  And now that she is gone, I am so grateful for how much she has left us.

I painted a …

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The Sacred Seed – A Poem by Rafael Bejarno

The Sacred Seed by Rafael Bejarno

There is in me a stirring, of things to come, and of things that have always been there.  This weekend I attended a workshop with 50 other amazing coaches.  The thing I came away with was a sense of belonging and connection with other authentic beings who just want to change the world, one conversation at a time.


There …

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Giving Thanks


Today is Thanksgiving in the United States – a day we set aside to spend with family and friends ~ and to give thanks.  Did you know that giving thanks raises your vibes and your energy? It does.

Giving thanks is what I call an EVIDENCE EXERCISE – when we specifically look for and find evidence of the things we …

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A Message for You





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What is it about Words of Affirmation & Why You Should Fall In Love With Yourself

Your Hair Looks Awesome By Allison Crow (c)2012

What is it about words of affirmation? My GAWD they feel good, at least to me. . . and I’m sure many of you.  Who doesn’t love a compliment or a kind verbal sentiment?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 Love Languages. 

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Physical Touch


Most people have …

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Have You Met Your Angel-Ness?


I’ve met my Angel-ness.  Have you met yours?

Since I met her, my Angel-ness has helped me leave a safe, 175K a year, and life- sucking JOB, and leap off the ledge of solo-preneurship– and soar!

She helped me heal my marriage, take responsibility for my own shit, release blame, connect with magical and dear soul-friends, and introduced me to …

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Be like this!

hpaints (c)2012 Tasha Schmidt Used with permission

OMG…yes I just said that.  This series of photos came across my facebook stream today and I KNEW I had to share. Can you imagine combining the wisdom of your wise experienced self, with the expression, creativity, and willingness of a child? What could be possible?

You were like this when you were young….before someone told you to stop painting …

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should I stay or should I go

Sometimes, when I’m working from home…with just me and the dogs and the computer…. I feel like I don’t have an impact….and I question all the work I do that no one sees—it can be a pain to get all the little to-dos done. I find my self irritable, ready to throw in the towel…annoyed and even discouraged.

And then I have a conversation…and a connection….and all is right with the world and in my heart again. …

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