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The Heart Can Hold It All


I’ve always loved hearts. ❤️

In my room at my mom and dad’s house is a collection of heart shaped boxes that were given to me over the years for my birthday…. February…. A week from Valentines. I had a rainbow heart mobile over my bed as a child. I find myself painting and doodling hearts daily. My logo ended …

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Something I’m Nervous to Share: Turns Out It Was Burn Out


Something I feel vulnerable sharing… And will probably write more about soon. BURNOUT and DEPRESSION.

How can a gal who has a few calls a day, makes art, chills by the pool, and hangs with her hubby and dogs and has amazing clients be smacked with burnout and depression??

I’m used to the depression, having been clinically diagnosed at

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Some thoughts on B-School & Creating Your OWN Stardom.



B-School – an online biz program by Marie Forleo that is grossly shared by tons of past participants with all kinds of email and social media promo and posts due to the generous JV affiliate fees she pays.  B-School promos fascinate me. I got my biz start in real estate where referrals are paid handsomely and we called it …

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Made Up Shit

change your thoughts


It’s funny the shit people make up in their heads. It is funny the shit I make up in my head. It is funny the scarcity vs abundance. It is funny the fear vs. love. It is funny the shadow and the light, the color and the black and white. Carry on, my loves…and don’t believe everything you think.…

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You are Invited ~ an Ending & Beginning Celebration & Ceremony


 When we honor what was, and then release it, we can more fully step in to what is to come

 Join me and many others

for a free guided contemplative celebration call

to honor the ending of 2012 and to welcome in the new year.

Grab a journal, or sketchbook and your favorite pen, and come to the call.

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10 Ways to Practice Positive Rebellion



I’m excited to introduce you to my friend and colleague and (today’s guest post author), Lisa Selow! Her book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide is currently available for pre-order before it hits bookshelves on November 26, 2012.


10 Ways to Practice Positive Rebellion
By Lisa Marie Selow,
Hay House, Inc. Author of A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide

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