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Happy Birthday Soul-Full Living Monday-Free Posters



Happy Birthday Soul-Full Living Monday Coaching Group!

Yes, a year ago, I heard my Inner Whisper say— create a Monday morning group coaching call that ANYONE can afford. Everyone deserves a little Soul-Full Living Love and so the most affordable and Soul-Full coaching offering was launched! What a community of support, both on the phones almost every Monday …

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My Personal Visual Notes During a Deep Dive w/ Hiro Boga

Heart of Support with Hiro Boga by Allison Crow



Yesterday I was part of a deep dive digital retreat with Hiro Boga called the Heart of Support.

I was able to be on the call for the first part of the day and I cleared my desk and used my pen and watercolors to doodle meditate through the first two sessions.

Thank you, Hiro, for introducing me …

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My Viz Notes from Marie Forleo’s Crazy Sexy Interview w/ Kris Carr

MarieForeloCrazySexyInterViewwKrisCarr by Allison Crow (c)2012

Today is my off day, so I decided to do a little fun-for-my-eyes-and-ears work, and came across this video by Marie Forelo about how Kris Carr got to be KRIS CARR.

About 4 minutes in, I hit the pause button and grabbed my trusty iPad for a doodle fest.  I was inspired, reminded, and affirmed:

  • Keep dreaming Big
  • It
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Visual thinking prezi from the Austin E-Learning Symposium

Here is the prezi from the 2011 E-Learning Symposium here in Austin yesterday.  It was a great live experience and the best part (live audience participation…drawing from the ipad) isn’t reflected on the prezi.  John Gillis you were a great support…and YOU CAN DRAW!~ Thank you MicroAssist, and the E-Learning Council for the opportunity to work with you. 
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visual desk journal

I finally found a way to cure the sticky note chaos on my desk. How many sticky notes do you have posted around…that you never look back on again.

A few months ago, I got a big blank desk pad….and being that I’ve always got a set of markers within reach…I began doodling my thoughts, conversations, coaching calls with my …

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