The Too Much Woman
An Experience more than an Event 
You are an Elite Soulie
A Spirit and Heart- Based Woman committed to live and work from the inside out first. 
You have a Strong Internal Light
But sometimes everyday life wears you out - especially in the last year.  
You Feel A Sense of Purpose & Drive
You may have a small service based business, or a job you are passionate about -- either way you know you have a purpose, And truthfully, sometimes does it get tight, stressful and hard
You have been told you are "Too Much"
Too emotional, too sensitive, too strong, too quiet, too loud, too crazy, too messy, too difficult, too rough around the edges, too confrontational, too wild, too sexy, too intense, too straight, too fat, too skinny, you talk too much, you cry too much....  You want too much, you love too much and need too much and so much more. 
You Crave Connection
You need community and connection from time to time IN PERSON.  Hand to hand and face to face... you love social media but you crave the togetherness of a soul-tribe.
You don't have to shrink to control other people's opinion of you.
The antidote is living into all of your "too muchness."
A Unique Event with A DEEP & Mystic Heartbeat
Wildly, and deeply facilitated by Irreverent Priestess and Intuitive Life & Business Coach, Allison Crow, this is the 3rd year for Camp Star Heart - the energies are calling us to bring & talk about our TOO MUCHness - which is also related to our NOT ENOUGHNESS.  

I AM TOO MUCH. - and I don't like to do things like everyone else - so this event is like no other.  I am a fucking magician at creating and facilitating an exquisite container where you are called to be fully and authentically yourself - a place where you can open your heart and listen within.  And I love to have a little fun along the way.  


What Is Camp Star Heart
Each year at Camp, Allison tells the story of epic failure---the Legend of Camp Star Heart - that created a magical and invigorating event that draws delicious and wise, powerful speakers, moments of deep tenderness, and wild release - and LOTS OF COLOR.  A dash of creativity,  daily divine movement, deep & profound insights, and a lot of play - all in a lovely springtime setting.  People come from around the world to connect, be, play, create, dance, learn, and love at Camp Star Heart.  There will be soulful and spirited sessions,  supporting us all in the REMEMBERING of who we really are -because when we remember our true essence we move in everyday life in a new way. 

This year, much of our conversation, connection, an expression will be on our TOO MUCHNESS - the ways in which we are told  we are either too much, or not enough.  Our desire is to breakthrough and own the censorship we have taken on from the muggle ways of the world and instead claim our TOO MUCHNESS with confidence and grace. 
When you show up with an open heart and open mind, you will walk away, with new -life changing insights about your life, spirit, work, and relationships --especially your relationship with yourself.  
You will feel connected and renewed, inspired and refreshed.
I know you will be joyfully delighted by the connections with the other powerful and delicious people in the room.  Not just the speakers and teachers, but the fellow attendees.  

Featured Guest Speakers
Each year, I am guided by Spirit to invite speakers to bring their magic and message to the room.  for CSH 2018 I'm delighted to bring back Varian Brandon, & Isabelle Tierney, and welcome new speaker Sara Ballard.  Sara will also lead us in a daily Qoya movement practice.  
Varian Brandon
  Varian has been a profound teacher for me in the inner area of being unoffendable and unshakable from the inside out.  This inner peace allows us the ultimate freedom of outer BEING!
Sara Ballard
Sara is bringing her wise, wild and free movement practice of Qoya to the room daily.  Expression, Intuition and our QUEENNESS is what I think of when I think of Sara. 
Isabelle Tierney
Heaven on Earth  & The Feel Good Way - Isabel is an Earth Angel for me - who sparks and ignites my Spiritual Magic any time we talk.  
Camp Star Heart is designed to support, inspire, and reboot your BEING from the inside out in a connected & authentic community.
You will love Camp Star Heart - this event like no other, if...
You know you don't want to live the status quo
Deep in your bones, you are craving permission to be AUTHENTICALLY & FREELY YOURSELF but still feel unsure about how to actually and successfully do and BE that in today's marketplace.
You are ready to release the shame of your "too muchness" or "not enoughness." 
You are often repelled and discouraged by traditional ways of growing yourself and your business ~ like hard-core, linear goal setting, and systematic same ol - same ol marketing crap.
April 25-28, 2018 in Austin Tx.
  • Wednesday ~ April 25- 4:00-6:30 PM 
  • Thursday ~ April 26 - 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM
  • Friday ~ April 27 - 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
  • Saturday ~ April 28 - 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Venue & Accommodations: Lone Star Court

I very carefully chose this venue ~ I want your whole experience at Camp Star Heart to be enchanting. This hotel is a newer hotel in my hometown of Austin, Texas and it has a quirky and eclectic Central Texas and Hippie vibe! Just like me.

Our meeting room is light, bright, and natural - and the grounds of this place, in April are sure to delight and support the community I'm creating! Springtime in Austin is GLORIOUS. The venue is also close to delicious dining in all price ranges and shopping in The Domain.

Book Your Room

I was able to negotiate a Hotel Room Block Rate of only $149, which includes WiFi, breakfast, and parking. The hotel has both single and double rooms if you want to share with a friend.

Call 512-814-2625 now and ask for the
Camp Star Heart Room Block.


Please book your room in the block ASAP - we have a deadline and the block will fill up fast at this amazing price.

The block rate is available one day before and one day after the event for your gentle landing and leaving convenience. 

Do we have a Sacred Contract?

Perhaps we have a sacred contract to gather together in April…. 

The experts say… that in order to get you to say “Yes” to coming to Camp Star Heart,

I need to tap into your pain, highlight your fears, and maybe hint that you aren’t enough.

…And then,

I’m supposed to use wily & clever copy to create a bullet-point list of bullshit promises that will make you whole again.

I am supposed to use scarcity and deadlines and even more scarcity to make you say “yes.”

And all that makes me want to vomit.
It works, they say. I know it does.


…I don’t want to work — or play — that way.

I want to follow the path with heart….to exchange energy and extend an invitation to you in a different way. In a way that feels true and in alignment with who I want to be in my life.

I want to invite you to TRUST YOURSELF in your desires and decisions.

I want to invite you to take a risk and do something, not from automatic subliminal thinking, but instead …after reading this page, I want you to…

  • get quiet
    • check in
    • feel your breath and the sensations in your body
    • listen to your Inner Whisper and your Wise Knowing Self
    • get creative and curious
    • TRUST YOURSELF in your decision on joining me for Camp Star Heart

If it is a no, I’m OK with that. I’m looking to spend time with the men and women that are


for this event.

And with that, from my heart and soul to yours, I’d like to invite YOU to come to Camp Star Heart 2018. 

Love, Allison

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