Camp Star Heart 2021
a deep & playful coaching retreat
for Women Who Intend to Fully Live a Life of Range
This ain't no boring-ass-stuffy-hotel-conference!
Camp Star Heart 
is a spark of the Divine in real life!
Camp Star Heart is like a summer camp/retreat for grown ass women who love to take a weekend away to REMEMBER who they really are - because they know this investment of time, energy, and money - will permeate the rest of their lives and work. 
Teaching & Coaching 
A sacred container for your whole being - and a community of women BECOMING. 
Authentic & Powerful Speakers
Learn from and alongside some premier teachers and coaches. The generosity, power, and connection are part of what make this event so unique.
Wild Self Expression 
This event is really about YOU - You are the STAR - and it matters to us that you are free to BE and express your true self.
Divine Movement with Daily Qoya
Gentle movement that supports the body and spirit - reminding you that you are WISE, WILD and FREE. 
Make Time for Play
The Annual Garden Party closes out our magical time.  Food, drink, laughter, music, smiles all on the spring time lawn.  EPIC every year. 
You Belong
The relationships built here expand EVERYTHING - your heart and your business.  You BELONG. We welcome a diverse group of beings and you are welcome too. 
Each Participant in 2021 Agrees to Covid test 5 days before camp, one test upon arrival, and to follow all mask and social distance protocols. 

Each year at Camp, Allison tells the story of one of her most epic failures in business & relationships---the Ancestory of Camp Star Heart - that created a magical and invigorating event that draws delicious and wise, powerful speakers, and participants.  An enchanting event with moments of deep tenderness, and wild release - and unfiltered expression.  A dash of creativity, daily-divine movement, deep & profound insights, and a lot of play - all in a lovely springtime setting.  People come from around the world to connect, be, play, create, dance, learn, and love at Camp Star Heart.  There will be soulful and spirited sessions, The women in this room will change your life.  You will not leave the same.

This year we are exploring the topic of BOTH/AND - and living a life of RANGE - meeting the edges of ourselves and living at the fullest capacity available to us.  No more narrow ways of being - buckets of profound permission.  This is where you come to both connect with your self and others, and expand both your heart and your life.

When you show up with an open heart and open mind, you will walk away, with new life-changing insights about your life, spirit, work, and relationships --especially your relationship with yourself.
You will feel connected and renewed, inspired & refreshed.
I know you will be joyfully delighted by the connections with the other powerful & delicious people in the room.  Not just the speakers and teachers, but the fellow attendees.  

Which way do you want to pay?
**This is the event fee for the 3.5 day event. Room, food and transportation are on your own.  The venue is in an area that has a variety of eating options and a whole foods within walking distance.  The Hotel has a special room rate for us of 149$/night and after registration the code to get that will be delivered.  
Speakers & Leadership
No where else are the leaders who teach and speak - authentically alongside you in the room. Each year, I am guided by Spirit to invite speakers to bring their magic and message to the room alongside me.

Sage Wisdom Speakers

 April 28- May 1, 2021 in Austin Tx.

Wednesday ~ April 28- 4:00-7:00 PM 

Thursday ~ April 29- 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Friday ~ April 30 - 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Saturday ~ May 1 - 9:00 AM- 8:00 PM

*these times are subject to shift slightly

Most attendees arrive on Tuesday and leave on Sunday for gentle entry and exit. 


Camp Star Heart is Held by Allison Crow
Allison Crow
Your Favorite Life & Business Coach, Allison Crow

I'm Allison, and I'm the one inviting you to my sacred event.  This is the 5th year for Camp Star Heart.  People sign up years in advance and I hope you will check in with your intuition and feel if it is calling to you.

I've been coaching, teaching, training and leading retreats and events for well over a decade. I am both un-certified and certified as a coach and facilitator.  Either way I am a master with an open heart.

Mystic intuition and logistic strategy are my deepest gifts and they dance in opposite realms.  My arms are open wide to give you a both deep and playful weekend filing your heart for the rest of the year.
Honestly, its hard to explain what Camp is - there is no curriculum if information and blah blah blah blah... but I will provide space and coaching, creativity, and connection....and OH so much more.

My heart is to not just have you in the room, but to connect with you and let you see and feel that you are beloved...and that you belong.

Venue & Accommodations

I very carefully chose this venue ~ I want your whole experience at Camp Star Heart to be enchanting. This charming hotel is in my hometown of Austin,Texas, and it has a quirky and eclectic Central Texas and Hippie vibe! Just like me.

Our meeting room is light, bright, and natural - and the grounds of this place, in April are sure to delight and support the community I'm creating! Springtime in Austin is GLORIOUS. The venue is also close to a Whole Foods, delicious dining in all price ranges, and shopping in The Domain.