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Share Your Heart

Show Your Work 2.0

Marketing & Selling for Mystical Magic Misfits
Do Traditional Marketing Methods Make Your Brain & Being Hurt?

Marketing, selling, and client creation for magic providers is different.

Mystics, coaches, teachers, healers, creators, energy workers, and anyone who sells a service but doesn't fit the linear formulaic funnel mold, this is for you!

The traditional means and processes can be really confining for a person who serves, creates, and sells in the realms of energy, divine matrix, and creation (vs production) realms.

With that confinement comes a heap of self-doubt.

Sometimes the work you do is beyond one problem and certainly beyond the tiny framework of language.

I’m here to give you permission to do it differently.

You are a gardener not a machine.

I’m here to give you permission to trust your magic means of creation without knowing what problem you solve for a client.

I'm here to give you guidance and coaching on a way to market that can expand your magic vs snuff it out. 

I admit. I get whacked in the brain with all the systems- and-processes-and-7-steps... and sometimes I doubt and shrink because my brain tells me “I’m doing it wrong.”

I’m over it. I’m an effing magician and for 16 years I’ve marketed and created my way and it works. I’ve also tried the traditional ways and it felt confining an out of alignment.

There IS a way to create in your magical way and be supported vs cramming your work into a system that crushes your soul.

I'm a Genius at This & I Can Help You

I'm your teacher and coach, Allison Crow.  People are always asking me how I get my clients. And for the last 12 years of my 16 +-year coaching practice…every single connection and client has come via Facebook or online connections. 

I haven't had some conscious system or strategy…. what I have had and practiced, is a willingness to what I call

"Share My Heart & Show My Work" 

What if you get to BE YOU and share your heart and show your work on your platforms of choice and it becomes like a beacon of light to your tribe of paying clients? 

I'd like to help you do the same thing.  That's why I created this course. 

You are a genius, too. 

You have gifts and skills that your people need…. BUT, yes BIG BUT…Are you hiding out? Are you hoping you will be discovered and found by your people but still up in your office bumming about how you have no one? I get it. 

Putting yourself out there for the world to see can be intense - and it can bring up all sorts of fears. You have to get your work out there somehow. If only the clients and customers would show up. And they don't.

It is time. It's time to put your pro-panties on and get your work out there.  

Are you ready to step forward and begin taking steps to stop being the BEST KEPT SECRET?

Maybe you are in the perfectionist trap...or in a perpetual state of getting ready to get ready?

Possibly, you are an introvert who just doesn't want getting your work out there to feel slick, salesy, and schmarmy.

Maybe some or all of these things are keeping you behind the scenes..... when really, YOU HAVE SACRED CONTRACTS to FULFILL.

In this 7 Week Course You Can:

  • - Learn about the importance of you coming out of the shadows and sharing your work and message
  • - Practice expressing yourself, sharing your work, and showing the world your work in ways that feel good to you
  • - Learn specific strategies and language that support your heart instead of smother it.
  • - Re-frame old patterns of thinking so that can step into a new way of being that supports your work.
  • - Gain more self-acceptance, self-compassion, and confidence
  • - Unplug and disconnect from negative thoughts and patterns that are holding you back from success
  • - Let go of the crappy inner critic and learn to like yourself-- when you like yourself, simply put, life is just more fun
  • - Learn how to handle the naysayers and haters that show up from time to time
  • - Tap into your Soul Fire--the thing that helps you become RELENTLESS about sharing your message and work.
  • - Connect with others who are dealing with the same stuff you are ~ other magical misfits! Our community is one of the best parts of this class!  Working from your computer can sometimes be lonely...and the relationships and connections here are priceless!  Some have even led to profitable business collaboration and connections.- Unleash your inner expression - building confidence in letting your unique voice be heard
  • - Begin building a community, a tribe, of right aligned people to bless with your Spirit and Service
  • - And MORE
7 Live 90-120 min Classes

Live Calls will be Tuesdays at 11:00 AM CST 

Call Dates: October 22, 29, November 12, 19, 26, Dec 3, 10

Tons of Resources, Ideas, Strategies, Coaching & Community Support 

3 Live Q/A Office Hours TBD 

 L I V E ...... this is NOT prerecorded and set to auto-play (but of course there are recordings if you have to miss a live session).

 This is you, and me, and your classmates -we will meet on Zoom & Live Stream to our Secret Facebook Group

 Course Outline & Session Topics

Session 1: The Energetics of SoulFull Marketing & Why Traditional Marketing Hurts Your Brain

Session 2: The Magicians Method of Marketing: SHYSYW

Session 3: Be a Content Wizard - Ebb & Flow + Simple Strategy = Magic

Session 4: Visibility & Being Seen

Session 5: Asshats, Jerkwads, & Haters - dealing with the fear or criticism and the shame of shining

Session 6: Abundance in Everything - Creating Community & Connection

Session 7: Activating, Attracting, & Creating Sacred Client Contracts

Things you might wanna know before signing up...aka...this is not for you if you don't vibe with the info below:

  • I approach life and business from a viewpoint of WHO We BE. OUR BEING is the MOST IMPORTANT part of our work. Doing matters too. And when the doing is fueled by the BEING.... I personally have found exponential joy and success in my life and work.
  • Your Intuition and Your Divine Business Manager are more important for YOU...than any teaching or tips I give. I am not a Guru or KNOW IT ALL. I am an expert in BEING ME. And have broken down the ways I leverage myself to increase my income and impact. You gotta be YOU. If my ideas ZING..then great. If not...let it go.
  • My spirit and intuition are HUGE parts of my business and life. Spiritual and energetic alignment is a part of my business conversations. I am not religious and I do think that Mind Body Spirit are all connected, even in our work. You don't have to believe what I do, just know that I will be speaking from an inclusive viewpoint that welcomes all faiths. For me, Source, Spirit, Higher Consciousness, and The Universe are words that feel good to me.
  • While this is a business course... in the spirit of BEING will get all of me. MIND BODY and SPIRIT, plus my humor, probably an F-bomb or two. If any of this offends you.... it isn't the class for you. If you are cool with you being you, and me being me...then let's jump in.
  • I like to have fun and laugh. And my dogs sometimes bark while I am teaching.

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